Common Injuries - Hand/Wrist

Carpal Tunnel

The Carpal tunnel is a passageway located in your wrist underneath your palm that protects the nerves and tendons to your fingers.  When this passageway experiences pressure hand weakness, numbness, and pain result causing Carpal Tunnel.

DeQuervain’s Syndrome

Caused by repetitious movements of the thumb overuse, inflammation, and even rheumatoid arthritis can activate DeQuervain’s syndrome. Some symptoms include weakness along the backside of the thumb, clicking or popping noises when the thumb moves, and in severe cases loss of motion.

Proximal Humeral Fracture

The part of the humerus bone in the arm that is closest to the shoulder is known as the proximal humerus.  This location accounts for about 5% of all breaks in the arm, and is most commonly fractured in adolescents or elderly.

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